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Data enrichment

Reading time: 2 min In practical data mining it is a common experience that there is much more room to enhance forecast by introducing new aspects, than reshaping the type… Read more »


Sandboxes instead of walls

Reading time: 2 min The mission of date warehouses (DWH) is to be the source of “undoubted” information. To have the “single version of truth” they operate with strict rules…. Read more »


Dangerous little elephant?

Reading time: 2 min The elephant is said to be the most dangerous animal on the African Savanna. Nevertheless, the icon of the quasi standard Big Data processing tool Hadoop… Read more »


What does a cow drink?

Reading time: 2 min What does a cow drink? Milk? What does a data analyst eat? Pie chart? The more important data analysis gets the more companies would like to… Read more »


Data: Power or Democracy?

Reading time: 2 min We are witnessing an interesting battle in huge enterprises. Managers on different levels have realized for a while that if they are the ones who access… Read more »